Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Mind

Disease is in essence the result of conflict between the soul and the mind. So long as our soul and personalities are in harmony, all is joy, peace, happiness and health. it is when our personalities are lead astray from the path laid down by the soul, either by our own worldly desires or by the persuasion of others that a conflict arises.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Body as an Instrument

That which produces harmony in all parts of man is medicine, ensuring health. The body is a harpsichord and when it's strings are too relaxed or too tense the instrument is out of tune; the man is sick. Now, everything in nature has been made to meet the wants of man, so everything is found in medical arenas. When the harpsichord of man is out of tune, the vast expanse of nature may be searched for the remedy there is a cure for every aliment of the flesh. All these cures can be found in nature and man could harness the full benefit of these cures by working with nature instead of trying to control natural environment that is his home.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Epidermis

The epidermis or skin, is the largest organ of the body. It need to be nourished to protect your inner organs, Such as the heart, lungs, kidneys and intestines. Your epidermis is living breathing tissue, unlike the hair and nails which are dead cells. The best ways to care for the epidermis are to get a facial once a month or every 6 weeks. Get a seaweed body wrap to maintain the skin's elasticity, remove dead skins cells as well as nourish and hydrate the skin. A moor Mud Wrap helps to build the immune system, detoxify and hydrate the skin keeping your epidermis looking young and healthy.